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Pamela Sanders

Grad Student, Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Pamela Sanders







"After living in Mexico City for 5 years, I came to IU to pursue my passion for Mexico on an academic level.  By taking classes in Latino Studies I have learned a lot more about the people of Mexican descent here in the United States.  The history of Latin American migrants to this country is fascinating and enlightening especially in the context of the current immigration debates.

I have been able to get involved with the local Latino community in Bloomington by volunteering at Templeton Elementary after school programs through FLAME and also by coordinating interviews of different professors at Hola Bloomington, a local Spanish radio program

I am a graduate student in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and I spent this past summer in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. I encountered numerous people who had gone to the U.S. to work, those who had chosen not to, as well as those whose family members or friends were in the U.S.  Many were eager to share their stories.  While I was in a van in southern Mexico coming from the Guatemalan border, I also witnessed the Mexican migra, or border patrol, remove three men from the van who didn’t have their papers.  This was a sad experience that vividly demonstrated a small part of the reality of those individuals trying to cross borders and that of those trying to control them."

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