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Undergrad Minor Ph.D. Minor Spring '19 Courses Cross-Listed Courses Why Latino Studies?

Why Latino Studies?

Latino Studies is a fast-growing, dynamic field of study that is projected to continue expanding.

Latinos now comprise 15% of the U.S. population, and that percentage is projected to exceed 25% in the coming years.

Consequently, forward-looking corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and professionals want to hire individuals who understand the diversity and complexity of Latino communities, including their histories, their cultures, and their social conditions.

The Latino Studies minor complements so many majors, especially those that lead to jobs in government, law, education, medicine, social work, business or academia. Latino studies is especially well-suited to those individuals who are taking Spanish courses, or who are majoring in Spanish.

Is there a language requirement to take a Latino Studies minor?
No. In general, Latino Studies courses do not require a knowledge of Spanish. However, a familiarity with Spanish (or any second language) is always an asset.

Where can I get more information?
To learn more about our minor requirements, or to schedule an appointment to discuss how Latino Studies can benefit you, contact: