Latino Studies is composed of 15 professors whose scholarship has been acclaimed both nationally and internationally.  They offer an array of courses that are joint-listed in departments throughout Indiana University .   (Click on their names to visit their profiles.)

Raquel Andersen (Associate Professor, Speech & Hearing Sciences)

Luis Dávila (Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese)

Antonio de la Cova (Visiting Professor, Latino Studies)

Luis Fuentes-Rohwer (Associate Professor, School of Law )

Jeffrey Gould (Professor, History)

Luis González (Library Faculty)

Peter Guardino (Professor, History)

Bradley Levinson (Associate Professor, Education)

Rebecca Martínez (Associate Professor, Education)

John McDowell (Professor, Folklore)

John M. Nieto-Phillips (Associate Professor, History)

Christiana Ochoa (Assistant Professor, School of Law

Alberto Torchinsky (Professor, Mathematics)

Vasti Torres (Associate Professor, Education) 

Please take advantage the expertise that our faculty bring to bear on issues that relate to the Latino population of the United States .  You may contact them individually by visiting their profiles, or contact the Latino Studies Program at latino@indiana.edu or by phone: (812) 856-1795.

Dr. John Nieto-Phillips
Interim Director, Latino Studies Program
Associate Editor, Journal of American History
Associate Professor of History